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Katia Dotto

Katia Dotto was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been a professional Singer/Guitar Player/Songwriter since she was 16. She’s always had a great interest in audio engineering, and 10 years ago she built her own recording and mixing studio.33344997846_c971f0f9b2_z

Having been fully dedicated to the art of recording and mixing since 2011, and having worked with several bands as well as with VO and ADR recording and as a re-recording mixer, in 2015 she moved to California to get her bachelor degree in Sounds Arts at SAE Expression College.

Katia Dotto has joined George Horn and Anne-Marie Suenram on September 2018 and has been each day more and more immersed in the art of disc-cutting and Mastering.

When she is not at George Horn Mastering, she is mixing music from her lovely home studio, and in her spare time, she loves to go hiking and taking pictures.