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George Horn

georgeAs an Audio Engineer since the 60’s, George has recorded, mixed and mastered albums by artists such as Bob DylanCrosby, Stills & NashSimon & GarfunkelCharles Mingus, The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rosemary Clooney, MC Hammer and Santana.

At age 14, George worked in the electronic service industry repairing television, radio, and hi-fidelity equipment while attending engineering school.

1959 – As Chief Engineer of KAFE FM, George filed for a 100,000-watt operation with the FCC, moved the transmitter site to Mount Beacon in Marin County, and moved the studios to San Francisco.

1965 – KAFE FM was sold to a big conglomerate and became KISS FM.  George continued to work in the broadcasting industry as an independent engineer until 1967 when he became Chief Engineer for the Kingston Trio Studios in San Francisco.

1969 – George moved to Mercury Records and designed and built studios for them in San Francisco.

1970 – He went to work for Bill Putnam’s Coast Recorders Studios as Chief Engineer.

1971 – George moved to Columbia Records as Chief Engineer, which was located in Coast Recorders’ building, but remained Chief Engineer for Bill Putnam in Northern California for 15 years.

1978 – He became Chief Engineer for Kenden Recorders in Burbank, CA.

1980 – He became Chief Engineer for Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA.

2008 – George opened his own mastering facility in Berkeley.

A plethora of George’s credits can be viewed on AllMusic and Discogs and here.